OpenGeo Suite Linux Server Installation

In this post we want to explain how OpenGeo Suite can be easily and rapidly installed in a linux box. We assume to work on Linux but the same can be applied to Windows servers or Mac OS X machines equipped with a specific package.
However, given that we worked with several linux installations and that such installations are the most proper choice for the management in production environment, we now describe how it is easy to install it through an APT-GET repository.
Hereafter is our Ubuntu target server description [as VMware virtual machine on ESXi infrastructure]:

Server Value
OS Ubuntu 10.04 Linux 32-bit
Virtual Memory 2 GB
Virtual CPU 1

Run the following command shell as sudo.

First of all, import OpenGeo GPG key by executing:

Tip: Since sometime an error associated with “apt-key” command is displayed, check if some distro treats pipe differently and retype “sudo” or alternatively split that up.

Add the APT repository for OpenGeo Suite:

Update APT:

Execute a search for packages available:

Tip: The search has to return at least one result otherwise the repository hasn’t been added correctly.

Make OpenGeo Suite package (opengeo-suite) installed:

Post installation

Once the installation process is ended you can display the applications provided by the suite through an Apache Web Server.
To do this, enable a proxy into Apache. First of all, create a suitable configuration for it:

Then add a proxy-pass configuration for the local Tomcat container by setting:

Alternatively, use the script at this location here.

Finally, restart Apache by executing: