Promoting Stati Generali Innovazione

A meeting entitled (Stati Generali Innovazione) will be held on 25th-26th November in Rome. It will deal with ICT innovations and how stakeholders can leverage them with policy-maker decisions in terms of rules and sustainability in order to start a new way to define clear resolutions.
The organizing committee asked us to join the source promoters’ group. We accepted this invitation because one of our main aims is to convey our knowledge to the Open Source, Open Data and Open Government community. Moreover, we support OGC standards and their nature of enabling interoperability.
We decided to bring concreteness to the meeting group sessions (with a particular focus on Open Government) and to support them with our hosted OpenGeo Suite. SGI activities will be able to load geographical data in different formats from several sources and merge it in beautiful maps ready to be published and used either as WMS or as WFS services. We provide a complete empty workspace and SGI dedicated users.
We aim at making geospatial happen once more!