Authentication mechanisms and Single Sign-On solutions effectively reduce the risk of unauthorized accesses and secure data integrity

Security industry is being driven to take on Identity Access Management technology mainly to strategically simplify the implementation process with reference to accountability. At the same time IT security operations also want to increase the value of the companies by giving their employees a smoothly access to the business data and the applications they need to perform their daily tasks.

Security IndustryAs a result many organizations are broadening their security concepts and are starting looking at information security not only as a restrictive strategy but also as an integral part of their IT and business structure.

Geobeyond Srl is actively involved in the Identity Access Management market with experienced practices providing assessment, design and implementation of enhanced digital security.
A proven approach combines professional expertise with a large set of technological products that support our clients in the adaption of IAM solutions to be used in their specific business scenarios and legacy applications.

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