Integration with the enterprise

Our qualifications bring GIS technologies at only one place.

We are work-centred where integration and enterprise meet together. Therefore, we move progressively in the research and development field in order to achieve a more reliable position for such expected resolutions.

Along with the rise of the Spatial Data Infrastructure, a large set of heterogeneous datasets and isolated geographic information systems have been developed. Additionally, its flexibility, that allows avoiding extra costs, gives us the possibility to issue data integration.

In this way we can exploit spatial data stored in different formats and managed by several systems by using different sources allowing users and applications to properly combine it.

Open Standards are the business key.

Nowadays many organizations require to model business information and to continuously support national and international data regulations such as Inspire directives across Europe, ISO and OGC.
GeoBeyond deals with geospatial system integration and data conformity, and aims at providing: