Spatial data model

The concepts of spatial data and the realization of systems dealing with it are the first step towards a Spatial Data Infrastructure

Earth surface and phenomena occurring on it are frequently available on the web, but the complexity of their spatial elements raises many issues concerning data integration and challenges regarding new applications and services we want to develop.

We aim at benefiting from domain models and ontologies in order to facilitate information discovery and to build straightforward knowledge-based systems. We invest in creating harmonized models for a wide array of geo-information themes by stimulating interoperability and working closer to you for a better understanding of the Spatial Semantic Web.

We further develop thematic mapping with semantically meaningful models in order to achieve a future-class of geo-information standardization. The robustness of the Spatial Relational Database Management Systems is the basic concept on which we are focusing.
Harmonized composite thematic maps are a critical use-attractive endpoint for the masses. Consistent representation governed by ontology considerations allows supporting crowd-sourcing networks and multiple semantically distributed spatial datasets.

Give us the opportunity to model your world!