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OpenGeo partnership

opengeo suite

GeoBeyond Srl have partnered with OpenGeo. This partnership will offer enhanced OpenGeo Suite Enterprise Edition resell and technical support, and integration services to the SME Italian and European markets.

Check out this Press Release for more details.

OpenGeo is a social enterprise working to build the best web-based geospatial technology. The company brings the best practices of open source software to geospatial organizations around the world by providing enterprises with supported, tested, and integrated open source solutions to build the Geospatial Web.

opengeo suiteGeoBeyond will take a lead role in the local expertise to provide robust, reliable and cost-effective open source geospatial solutions.

The OpenGeo Suite is the complete, OGC standards-compliant web mapping platform built on powerful, cutting-edge, open source geospatial components.
It brings together all of them into a single, easy-to-install integrated software package. Being, each individual component, developed individually, we ensure that the Suite integrates with existing systems—proprietary or open source. It is the fastest way to get your geospatial information on the web, leveraging the power of best-of-breed open source geospatial software.

The full stack of OpenGeo Suite is composed by:

  • GeoServer A map and feature server providing standardized web access to GIS data sources and cartographic quality maps. More
  • GeoWebCache A web map accelerator, intelligently caching and serving tiles to make maps scale. More
  • PostGIS A Premier open source spatial relational database fast, robust and full-featured. More
  • OpenLayers A Industry-standard Javascript map controls for viewing and editing data from multiple sources. More
  • GeoExt A rich user interface controls for the geospatial web. More

We are glad to support you with it. Drop us an enquiry!

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Welcome on board

Why another start-up?

Currently it is not clear where money is going and things do not go right for the business world. Furthermore, it seems that companies are reluctant to invest in the ICT world even if it has been a dominant sector for long, and this does not let us know if it lost its old splendour.

However, there are hints on how businesses might recover their ability to raise funds. So here we are.

Though ICT investments are risky, we want to support them with our decade-lasting professionalism that has been tracing the evolution of proprietary vs. open source in the security and geospatial market.
Discovering how the majority of private and public organisations invested time and money in business models that are weak and keep generating losses prompt us to propose some changes.

Today, our challenge is to support them in generating essentially worth revenues.

Making geospatial and security happen potentially in the most profitable way

Wish us luck!

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